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Private lessons

A private lesson in Tango is primarily a moment for yourself... A moment of work, precision, sometimes introspection, but it is above all a moment of pleasure. Do you want to review the basics? Or work on your posture? Or delve into complex sequences, be sure to find the keys? Or go much more precisely into a specific physical work in Tango? Or build together a choreography that suits you? We are here to answer your requests and guide you towards what he considers appropriate in light of your dance. There are no typical procedures since the idea is really to adapt to each individual according to their request and what we observe at the moment. 

Alone or as a couple 130CHF/hour 
Package :  400 CHF / 4 hours  ( within 4 weeks )

The courses are taught by Caroline or one of our dance partners.

Where : TangoWave Zürich Rüdigertrasse 10, 8045 Zürich

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