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Beginner tango courses   
(0-2 years experience)

Here we go! You will immediately dive into the world of tango!! More than just a dance class, we invite you to discover a community of dancers, meet new people, express and challenge yourself with lots of fun and free hugs. Whether you already have some experience or are brand new to tango, our classes are open and accessible to everyone

We offer Tango in a friendly atmosphere every Monday from 7.30pm. After each lesson you can stay and practice what we have learned. This is a good and relaxed way to dance some tangos with the people from the class.


Each lesson has a clear structure so we can guide beginners step by step. We strive to find the perfect balance between individual technique, partner work and guided practice time. Our goal is to give you a solid basis in tango technique so that you can quickly take your first steps in a milonga (the social tango dance evening). You'll be able to surprise yourself after just a few hours :)​

​first time ?  

If you don't have tango shoes, no problem. Sneakers or socks are ideal. ​You can register alone (depending on parity) or as a couple. Fill out the registration form.

Trial class

(level 1 :  19h30-20h30)

Course start Monday 26th February


Buchungszahlung (CHF)



 +30 min Practica (optional)


Trial class  15 CHF

Single class 32 CHF

ABO 10 X classes 280CHF

(valid for 4 Month)

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