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About us

Caroline and Daniel are a renowned tango dancer couple from Paris. With over 10 years of teaching experience, they have developed their own successful learning method. They introduce their students to tango and guide them to gain the confidence and ability to dance and enjoy tango. They have taught and danced shows in France, Turkey, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Norway and Germany. ​

Her classes focus primarily on the social aspects of Argentine tango, the pleasure of sharing unique moments in a common space, the search for quality, precision and elegance in walking and more complex figures. Every lesson with them is a real treat for body and mind.

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She is from Paris and her main job is as sommelier

She started ballet at the age of 5 in Conservatory Claude de Bussy 

She dicovers Tango in 2008 and quickly became totally addict of its universe

She learned Tango in Buenos Aires with the best traditional maestros

She is very appreciated in the classes, for her perfectionist and challenging side


He is from Zurich and his main job is a data scientist

He is a tango nomad! he travels across Europe to milongas, festivals and tango events

He lived in Stockholm for several years, where he founded the Barra Querida tango school with friends.

You can talk to him in german, english, french, spanish and swedish!

He is well respected in the classes for his logical perspective and humor

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