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Intermediate Tango Courses   
(+2 years experience)


6.30-7.30 pm

 + 30 min Practica (optional)



Trial course  15 CHF

Single course 32 CHF

Abo 10 X courses 280CHF

(valid for 4 Month )

We are convinced that the fun of dancing comes from good technique. We invite you every Monday to refine your dance. Walking, connection, footwork, projection, posture, free leg, musicality, changing dynamics, slow and fast steps, pauses and much more. We give you tips so that you experience the best feeling in the hug. We work on the basics up to complex figures. And because aesthetics are important to us, we work on making you look good (projection, foot placement, embellishments, etc.). In our lessons, leaders and followers are equally active, contrary to the cliché that women surrender to men for leadership. 

After the lessons you are welcome to stay for an Apéro/Tango Praktica - a great opportunity to review what you have learned and have a drink in good company. 


For whom?This course is for dancers who already regularly participate in milongas. 

Registration?You can register alone (depending on parity) or as a couple. Simply fill out the registration form or contact us.

Trial class

(level 2 :  18h30 - 19h30)

Course start Monday 26th February


Buchungszahlung (CHF)
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