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1 saturday / Month

14h - 15h30

Tango Wave Zürich

Rüdigerstrasse 10, 8045 Zürich

Price :  37,00CHF

Waiting list -
Women Tango Group

(group limited to 12 pers)

Women's Tango Technique
With Caroline Souche

1h45 of individual training with Caroline Souche. Exercises and improvement of the Tango Salon basics. These workshops are structured in a way that you can progress whatever your level of dance is. You will gain precision, more confidence in your dance from a solid technique basis of tango.

Program of our monthly workshops 2023 :

Anatomical function 

Body awareness.

Balance and posture.

Anchoring and metatarsal exercises.

Precision and Esthetics
Quality of walking, foot placement, body alignment 

Free leg work (circular movement and foot work)

Basics step 

Walk, ochos, enrosqué, cruzado or mordido 
Boloo straight and circular
Pivots with circle drawn on the ground

And more...

Adornos and embellishment
Foot and leg decoration with the music and the leading.
Embellishments and rotations of the leg movements. 

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